A New Home for the Pathfoot Press

Since its (re-)foundation in 2016, the Pathfoot Press has existed in a corner of the publishing lab in C corridor of the Pathfoot Building.  Recently, however, we were given the exciting opportunity to expand: a whole new, dedicated room just for the press and its equipment!  The only catch – we had to move within the week.  And that we did.  The press itself was disassembled and moved on Tuesday and the printers – with the indispensable aid of Sarah and a trolley – moved the remaining plant on Thursday.

At first the new room was looking pretty barren, but it rapidly took shape . . . .

New Room Empty

New Room TraysNew Room DawnNew Room Dawn 2New Room Finished

We’re tremendously placed with our new space and very much look forward to making use of its expanded capacity for teaching, events, and more printing full-stop.  We hope you’ll be able to join us for a celebration of the press, its new room, and its upcoming two-year anniversary in the near future.  Stay tuned for details!



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