Our Second Year

The Pathfoot Press turned one year old in December 2017.  It seems as if we only started it yesterday, but in that time we’ve produced seven broadsides and bifolia (besides more ephemeral productions), ran all manner of workshops, took part in the university’s fiftieth-anniversary celebrations, sent our printers to an international letterpress conference in Dublin (see the picture above), and printed the Principal’s Christmas card – a full year all told.

Looking ahead we’re excited to keep this momentum going and to continue expanding the press’s range of activities and publications.  We already have a workshop-with-pamphlet planned for February and a student writing competition across the spring term, but we’re also in the process of making larger plans: applying for grants, producing longer and more complex pieces of printing, and integrating the press into research programmes of scholars across the country.

And now it’s time to order a fresh batch of Crane’s Lettra, set the print room in order, and crack on with our newest project . . . .

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