The 21st-Century Book Historian

We’re very pleased to be part of a fantastic Scottish Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities (SGSAH)-funded series of workshops entitled “The 21st-Century Book Historian”.  Open to doctoral students from all SGSAH institutions, these workshops have been designed to introduce them to a variety of aspects of scholarly book history.  The first is being held here in Stirling on 21 February and will consist, in part, of us explaining traditional methods of book production: everything from casting off to setting to pulling to folding, etc.

As part of the event we’ll be printing a small pamphlet in the style of mid-seventeenth-century printing.  Details are still up in the air, but we’re hoping to use as copy-text a section from the autograph manuscript (pictured above) of James Fraser’s “Triennial Travels”, a vivid account of his experiences as a Scottish traveller in continental Europe during the 1650s.  As well as printing completed copies of the pamphlet, we’ll also be printing partial and whole sheets to demonstrate traditional methods.

If that sounds at all exciting and you’re a doctoral student within Scotland, please join us!  Attendance is free but booking is essential and you can sign up here.

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